I had a disordered view of food and struggled with body image from a very young age. It manifested into bulimia in high school and all throughout college. Although I was able to stop myself from purging, bingeing on food was a regular occurrence.


After my son was born, I was painfully aware of the fact that I could easily influence him towards disordered eating if I didn't make big changes. Instead of wanting it to look and be different, I pondered what it would mean to celebrate my body's strength. With encouragement from my husband, it landed me in the world of barbell strength training. For me, it was THE best act of self-care - I was taking three hours a week to myself, away from my baby, to do something I loved, without guilt. 


The next natural progression was to start taking care of our nutrition so we could perform in the gym. But it became so much more than that - now it is a part of our lifestyle as a family.  

And here I am today, a Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.


I would be honored to walk with beside you towards health, fitness, and a higher quality of life.

Will you take the first step with me? 

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