"Working with Sojung, the growth has been different than I expected but right, and I wouldn't have gotten there without her. I expected to count macros, lose weight, and change physically. Throughout the process it's been clear that I have a lot of internal work to do around my relationship with food and the identity I've built around my physical body. Sojung has been with me every step of the way (and I haven't made it easy). She continues to teach me nutrition specific to my needs and does extra research to meet the needs of my health issues. I've always thought I'm capable of finding out information and dieting on my own, but Sojung's support have been invaluable -- because one approach, one diet hasn't worked for me and health isn't just about what we eat. Sojung is on that journey with me and it's amazing to know she's in my corner because it's complicated!"


"I thought nutritional coaching would be about a regimen - what I should eat, how much, and at what time. But working with Sojung has been the other way around. All the choices I make to fuel and sustain my body are meant to fit into my lifestyle, with some tweaks here and there. Sojung’s coaching is personalized, non-judgmental, and empowers me to keep building on what I’ve learned."


"My relationship with food and my body has been something I've struggled with since I can remember. I wasn't big as a kid but competing in a sport that required weigh-ins, which always meant cutting weight, I have spent a lot of my life extremely conscious of the number on the scale. Add in the inactivity of young adulthood, the hormones from 10 years of birth control, poor eating habits, hormones and changes from 2 pregnancies and one c-section you could say my body is not what I'd like it to be.

Sojung often posts exactly what I need to be reminded of [on Instagram]:
- Food doesn't have moral value "good or bad"
- My body is amazing for what it's capable of
- I'm more valuable than what I look like
It's like she's reading my insecurities.

I trust her and am learning from her. She's showing me how to view food differently and while I'm not perfect (no one is and we don't have to be) I've grown so much! I can acknowledge a binge when the desire rises and either choose to entertain that or dig a little deeper and find the cause of that desire. She's helping me take into consideration what types of food I'm eat, if/how I'm working out, my milk supply, my sleep and energy levels.

I have lost weight, 25 lbs and counting, but the real win here is that I'm not fixated on that number. I'm really focusing on eating balanced meals when I'm hungry and setting a good example for Jude. I don't feel guilty when I have dessert. I'm going to enjoy life as it comes. I'm grateful for this journey and for her heart to help others, specifically me."


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